Present to ICF MN!


We will have our online proposal form ready soon! Until then, feel free to contact our Professional Development team at!

Speaker/Facilitator Request for Proposal

ICF Minnesota serves the diverse needs of all people with a direct interest in the coaching profession. We prepare members for both their changing roles and validating relevant knowledge and skills, as well as demonstrate a commitment to excellence in coaching.

Got An Idea?

What to Do If You Would Like to Submit a Proposal to Present at an ICF Minnesota Monthly Meeting (90 minutes) or a Professional Teleclass/Webinar (60 minutes):

  1. Proposals for presentations are received and reviewed by the Professional Development Team (PDT). You will be notified re: the status of your proposal within one month of submission.
  2. Contact the Professional Development Lead Jennie Antolak at if you’d like to talk further about your idea, before submitting a proposal.
  3. Programs are booked several months into the future; allow at least 90 days lead-time for your proposal.
  4. The topics for programming are selected based on the ICF Minnesota's Strategic Plan and on the current vision and mission of ICF Minnesota. The PDT considers and includes a wide range of possibilities. We encourage you to be out-of-the-box creative! See our website for recent program listings.
  5. Proposals must be submitted online at (see attached sheet ICF Minnesota Presentation Description and Presenter Information)
  6. We are looking for programs that include the following:
  • relevancy to a diverse audience of professional coaches, and people interested in coaching
  • a well-designed one-hour presentation
  • interactive style including participant activities, assessments, exercises, etc.
  • opportunities for coaching practice or a coaching demo in front of the room
  • supporting handouts, resource lists
  • no selling of your business or future workshops or services during the program
  1. If your program is accepted, you will be sent specific guidelines that outline your responsibilities for presenting and promoting your program: Speaker Guidelines for ICF Minnesota Programs. You will also be referred to the ICF Minnesota website where you can submit information required to publicize the event on the website and in the CATALYST BLOG, ICF Minnesota's monthly newsletter.
  2. In general, we encourage presenters to supply a bio and full description of the program, handouts and/or questions that can be posted ahead of time on our website, photos; links to your website, sample pages from books that you’ve written or a downloadable e-book, dates and descriptions of your upcoming workshops, etc. We are prepared to create a web presence and promote you fully.
  3. ICF Minnesota does not pay presenters. The spirit of our organization is one where professionals collaborate for mutual benefit. Your presentation is an opportunity to contribute to our profession.
  4. At the time of your program, your promotional materials (business card, workshop fliers, brochures, etc) may be displayed near the registration table; You must provide a person to handle materials, set up and registration for your upcoming events, ICF Minnesota does not handle that detail.
  5. ICF Minnesota does not endorse, sponsor or sell workshops for presenters.

Thank You!