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 ICF Minnesota August 2017 Webinar Registration 

August 10, 2017

Values: Your Key To Marketing Ease

It’s not widely known but your values are the key to easy marketing. There are thousands of marketing strategies to choose from and any one of them could be successful for a coach. Which one(s) will be most successful for you?

Don’t worry, this isn’t another class where you are assigned a whole bunch of marketing to-do’s that are so overwhelming you can’t possibly get them done. The teleclass is all about narrowing down your marketing to-do list.  It’s about using your values to find one focus for the year that will drive your marketing success in the easiest, most exciting way possible. Because it will honor who you are. Prior to the session, it's recommended that you take the Core Values Index™ to make it easy to jump right into the values conversation. 

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • A new way to look at values and how they make or break your marketing.
  • A new way to narrow down your to-do list.
  • An efficient way to get marketing done, even if marketing is your least favorite part of your business.

It’s time to bring who you are to the marketing table, for greater success.

Kristen Beireis  is the Trust-Building in Marketing Expert. She helps coaches put together a plan for what to do and say in marketing. Kristen specializes in helping her clients find ways to enjoy marketing, even if it's something they hate when they first come to her. She's on a mission to stop the sacrifices that so many coaches make, in the name of marketing. With Kristen, it all starts with trusting in who you are so you can capitalize on your own uniqueness. 

Kristen has over 15 years of marketing experience online and offline. In 2015, she was voted ICF Ohio Valley Coach of the Year for her contributions toward advancing the coaching profession.  Kristen is also a Trained Life Coach, a Certified Essential Message™ Facilitator, a Group Coach and Certified Core Values Index™ Facilitator. Kristen believes life was meant to be enjoyed and that includes marketing.


August 2017 In Person Registration

August 22nd, 2017

How to Look like the Solution your Client Needs

One of the biggest challenges for coaching business is to have your specialty or interest seen as a clear and recognizable solution to people. To do this we must be able to articulate the problems we solve in a manner that reflects our prospects perception of their problem and then offer an enticing solution that speaks to it.  Much the same way a person can leave Wallgreens with 2 bottles of the same pain reliever, one for their migraine and one for their back.  They searched out and bought solutions for specific problems rather than taking a general solution. The key is to market to a specific audience with a specific need so you can be really good at being known for the solution for that specific need.  To do this you need to choose a niche to market to.  This is a difficult choice for every business and the reward for those who choose and commit is growth and financial success.  In this workshop you will learn what niching is and how to chose one for your practice.  We will also explore crucible moments of a persons life and how to use them in your marketing.  These are moments in a person’s life when they may be most motivated to invest in coaching for their well being, growth or as a solution to address the pain of a situation.  

Jason Jones is a certified coach who is committed to helping entrepreneurs hit their first six figures and beyond! His previous ventures involved communications media and entertainment.  Being an entrepreneur all of his life he finally gets to provide the program he wished he had when he started his first business 20 years ago. Jason is certified by The Royal Roads University and the International Coaching Federation. After years of starting several businesses, succeeding at some and failing at others Jason has learned the hard lessons and come to respect and follow the fundamental practices of a savvy entrepreneur.  His coaching and training programs focus on the implementation of proven business tactics and the support necessary to set up clients for a lifetime of success.  

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