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August 11th                 
Narrative Coaching Awakening Stories for the World: Where Belonging and Becoming Meet

Narrative Coaching can awaken people to their preferred story of self. Stories are at the core of who we are and define our place in the world.  Our identities are formed by the stories we tell and how we and others respond to them.  They continually script our past, present and future realities. Narrative coaching allows clients to recognize the power in these tales, reconfigure key elements so they align with who they desire to become without letting go of their sense of belonging. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the paradox of belonging and becoming and how it impacts action.
  • Learn coaching competencies that expand awareness and enhance commitment to one's preferred story.
  • Learn how to assist clients in shifting from the subject of their stories to the observer equipping them with a greater power of choice.

Jennie Antolak, MA, MCLC

  • President of Learning Journeys, The International Center of Coaching
  • BA in Communications from Metro State University
  • MA in Organizational Development from St. Catherine’s University
  • Practitioner and Master Level Certifications in Coaching
  • Professor and Life Coach in the School of Health at St. Catherine’s University
  • Board Member and Chair of the International Coach Federation Minnesota
  • Proud ringleader of two amusing boys and one witty husband

 ICF Minnesota Aug 2016 In Person Registration

August 23rd            
A Conversation with Matt Varney from ICF Global about Coaching on the Global Level

Join us for an opportunity to learn what is going on at the global level in the world of coaching and where you fit in.

 As one of 127 chapters in 67 countries, ICF Minnesota presents an opportunity for ICF coaches to connect to the entire global community.  ICF has membership in over 120 countries and many members work independently from their peers.  As a member of a global community ICF coaches have the opportunity to both focus on what is happening locally as well as connect with global perspectives and resources.  The strength and resources available to members of ICF are incredibly valuable and utilizing research performed by the ICF and PWC, we will look to explore how ICF coaches can increase their activity locally while expanding their reach globally.

Matt Varney is the Director of Chapter Development for the International Coach Federation.  Originally from Los Angeles California, he holds a Masters Degree in International Economics and Consulting from Northeastern University.  Starting at a very early age Matt has been fascinated by how people connect.  Growing up immersed in sub-cultures of action sports and music of southern California, diversity has always been a standard in Matt's environment.  After serving in the U.S. military, he started his first business at the age of 26.  Continuing his career in the fields of Customer Care, Healthcare Administration, and Association Management, Matt has had the opportunity to travel extensively meeting people originating from all cultures and backgrounds.  This has driven him to continue studying how people come together because of their differences and collaborate to make the world a better place.


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