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ICF Minnesota was founded April 7, 1997 and is a Chartered Chapter of the Global International Coaches Federation (ICF). The intention is to serve the coaching community in Minnesota. All are welcome here. It is a vibrant community of both internal coaches within organizations and external coaches who own their own businesses.

Linkedin and Facebook Groups

ICF Minnesota hosts a discussion group on Linkedin for our coaching community to post discussions and share expertise. Participants are encouraged to trade knowledge, tips and tools that strengthen the effectiveness of coaches in our community. Use our Facebook group to stay up-to-date on association events and breaking news as well as to post "nuggets" to enhance the application of coaching.

Monthly Catalyst Blog

The Catalyst is ICF Minnesota's monthly blog that serves to inform and connect its community of coaches. MEMBER PLUS members may contribute articles of interest to their peers by following the guidelines posted on the Catalyst webpage. This is your opportunity to share your knowledge, enhance the effectiveness of our Membership and gain publicity for your work.

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As a MEMBER PLUS member, you may submit and educational component in the Catalyst at no charge. 

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This is a MEMBER PLUS Only Benefit. Your member profile allows fellow MEMBER PLUS members to find you and email you, form your own discussion group of coaches, become friends with fellow coaches and join forum discussions online with fellow members and the Board of ICF Minnesota. FREE to current MEMBER PLUS members! Connect with your community! "It is the policy of ICF Minnesota that no one, including our membership is allowed to use our member contact list for anything but official ICF Minnesota business as approved by our board of directors."

Find A Coach

Find A Coach is a service available to the general public on the website. Market your coaching business with a powerful message that explains your coaching specialties and coaching niche. Knowing a coach is active in their profession through an organization like ICF Minnesota is important to prospective clients. Use this tool to help prospective clients find you. Associates will not appear in Find A Coach search results.