In early 2011, the ICF Minnesota Board unanimously approved a motion to accept an invitation from SHiFT to become part of an emerging coalition of organizations that provide support and professional services to people in mid-life job and career transition. SHiFT, ICF Minnesota and MCDA, (Minnesota Career Development Association), are founding members of the coalition. Our vision is a “SHiFT Network” of organizations working together to serve this vital and growing segment of the population.

SHiFT’s vision is to create a growing community of support for people to more easily pursue work-life transition and find more meaning. Founded in 2006 by David Buck and Jan Hively, SHiFT presents monthly forums on subjects relative to mid-life work transitions, and is piloting its ‘Midternship’, (Internships @ Midlife), program with the Department of Employment and Economic Development. SHiFT is also developing SHiFT Corps, a program to make it easier for people in mid-life transition to connect with providers of the services they want and need – services like professional coaching!

So what’s in this for ICF Minnesota and you? We believe that being part of the SHiFT Network will help ICF Minnesota raise the visibility of professional coaching in Minnesota and will lead to new opportunities for ICF Minnesota Members. We also see this as a great way to build relationships with other organizations with whom partnership and collaboration make sense for ICF Minnesota Members. All of these align with ICF Minnesota’s vision and strategic goals.


Sydney A. Paredes
2011 ICF Minnesota Charter Chapter President

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