Here are the upcoming events for 2017!

We hope to see you there, so plan accordingly!

*May 23rd in-person - Joan Haan, MA PCC CPCC CNTC, Christine Schwebel, CPCC, Tsoulnami, Theresa Nutt, BSN, MA, HN-BC, Closeted Creatives Coaching, Joel Hodroff , and John Owens, PCC, CPCC, Past President ICF Minnesota, – Leadership and Coaching for Social Transformation

June 8th webinar – Ursula Pottinga CPCC, BCC, PCC – Getting The Wizards To Work: The Power of Dreaming, The Power of Action
June 27th in-person Lynn Baskfield, M.A., PCC - Mining for Gold: How to Tap Clients’ Stories for Powerful Coaching

July 13th webinar - Drew Bird, MSC, M.A. - Building Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessments into Your Coaching Practice
July 25th in-person – ICF MN Picnic – location and details TBD

August 10th webinar– Kristen Beireis, ACC – Values Based Marketing
August 22nd in-person – TBD

September 14th webinar – Eric Kohner – Landing Corporate Clients without Corporate Experience
September 26th in-person – 2017 Awards Evening

October 12th webinar – Robyn Leland, CPCC, ACC - Arbinger’s “The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves”
October 24th in-person – TBD

November 9th webinar – ICF Global – Demystifying the ICF Credentialing Process
November 28th in -person – Samantha Moe, M.A., SLP, Certified Parent Coach – Parent Coaching

December 12th in-person – December Event TBD